DGFT Policy Circulars(2000-2001)

Cir. No Date Subject
Cir-40 22.2.2001 Applicatablitiy of mandatory quality standards on imports made under Advance Licence and imports made by 100% EOUs and units in EPZ
Cir-39 14.2.2001 Consideration of application under paragraph 6.8 of the Handbook(Vol.1) without reference to Headquarters EPCG Committee
ALC-09 19.1.2001 Import of Mica Block/Mica Splittings/Films for manufacture and export of Mica products/Fabricated Mica products etc. under Duty Exemption Scheme.
Cir-38 22.1.2001 applicability of the provisions of Standards of Weights and Measures (Package Commodity) Rules, 1977, on various imports.
Cir-37 2.1.2001 export of Preferential Raw Cane Sugar
Cir-36 22.12.2000 Export of Fodder including wheat and rice straw.
Cir-35 19.12.2000 Execution of BG/LUT in respect of EPCG Licences. 
Cir-34 13.12.2000 Quality Standards for 131 Import Products– Clarification on effective date of Notification No.-44
Cir-33 15.11.2000 Importability of cars, microbuses etc. by travel agents, tour operators of tourist transport operators under 5% EPCG Scheme.
Cir-32 3.11.2000 Classification of various Products under ITC(HS) Classifications of Exports & Imports Items (1997-2002) - Clarifications
Cir-31 18.10.2000 Issuance of transferable advance licence in respect of exports effected prior to 01.04.2000
Cir-30 3.10.2000 Export under  DEPB Scheme through Land Customs
Cir-29 27.9.2000          Regularisation/Redemption of Advance Licences.
Cir-28 22.9.2000  Regularisation of VABAL in case of shortfall in value or quantity or both.  
Cir-27 13.9.2000 Import restrictions vide Public Notice No. 392/92-97 regarding import of Plastic Scrap/Waste materials - Clarification regarding
Cir-26 13.9.2000 Export Ceiling on Cotton Yarn
Cir-25 11.9.2000 ITC(HS) Code made Compulsory  in Shipping Bill w.e.f. 1/10/2000
Cir-24 6.9.2000 Return of Bank Guarantee by Licensing Authorities
Cir-23 1.9.2000 Forwarding of EPCG applications by RLAs to HQ for nexus fixation - clarification - EPCG Licences to Hotel Industry and Textiles and Garment Sector as per P.N.No. 33(RE-99) dated 18.2.2000 and other sectors as per Policy Circular No. 3(RE-2000)2000-01 dated 7.4.2000 and Policy Circular No. 10 (RE-00) 2000-01 dated 14.6.2000
SALC-4 10.8.2000 All packing materials are eligible for DEPB irrespective of Whether such packing material is in SION or Not.
Cir-21 4.8.2000 RBI Communication center in New Delhi.
Cir-20 31.3.2000 Export of formulations under DEPB
Cir-19 28.7.2000 Clarification regarding the admissibility of DEPB against the export of some Products -Group : Engineering
Cir-18 17.7.2000 Import of PCBs
Cir-17 14.7.2000 EPCG Scheme
Cir-16 13.7.2000 Export of formulations under DEPB-Cap values.
SALC-3 7.7.2000 Export of Fish under DEPB
SALC-2 22.5.2000 Issue of Advance Licence for import of Natural Rubber
Cir-15 7.7.2000 Modification and Updation of IEC
Cir-14 30.6.2000 ITC(HS) Classification
Cir-13 26.6.2000 Export of Grains
cir-12 19.6.2000 Guidelines for recognising branded products
Cir-11 14.6.2000  Fulfillment of export obligation against EPCG Scheme and the Duty Exemption Scheme
Cir-10 14.6.2000 EPCG Licences -List of Items Expanded
Cir-9 26.5.2000 ICD, Jalandhar as a notified port under paragraph 7.56 of
Cir-8 25.5.2000 Import of silk
SALC-1 18.4.2000 Export of Liquor under DEEC
Cir-7 4.5.2000 EPCG -Deemed Exports
Cir-6 2.5.2000 Exports to Russia
cir-5 19.4.2000 Export of sandal wood


7.4.2000 Mulbery Raw Silk
cir-3 7.4.2000 EPCG
cir-2 7.4.2000 Transitional Arrangement
cir-1 3.4.2000 EPCG -Debonding