Policy Circular No. 27 (RE-2000)/1997-2002 dt. the 13th Sept., 2000
Subject :       Import restrictions vide Public Notice No. 392/92-97 regarding import of Plastic Scrap/Waste materials - Clarification regarding.

Attention is invited to Public Notice No. 392/92-97 dated 01.01.1997 wherein certain guidelines/conditions have been prescribed for import of plastic scraps/wastes.

2.   In the wake of certain doubts raised and brought to the notice of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade regarding the applicability of the size restrictions on the different forms of Plastic Wastes/Scraps envisaged vide para 1 (ii) of the said Public Notice No. 392 (92-97) dated 01.01.1997, in consonance with the views of the Ministry of Environment & Forests, it has been decided to clarify that -

"the size-restrictions mentioned in para 1 (ii) of Public Notice No. 392/92-97 dated 01.01.1997 shall be applicable only on pieces of irregular shape and NOT on other types of scraps/wastes specified in the Public Notice".

This issues with approval of Director General of Foreign Trade

(S.K. Bhardwaj)
Deputy Director