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ieport.com-Central Excise Notifications Tariff - 2007

Notification No Dated Subject
Not-38 19.12.2007 CBEC introduces optional compounded levy scheme on pan masala (21069020, 24039990)
Not-37 01.11.2007 Amendments in NTF. NO. 64/95-CE, DT. 16/03/1995 (Fuels falling under Chapter Heading 2710)
Not-36 9.10.2007 Exempts excisable goods - Agricultural grade zinc sulphate ordinarily used as micronutrient (283329)
Not-35 20.9.2007 Exempts excisable goods - Brooms, consisting of twigs or other vegetable materials (96031000)
Not-34 2.8.2007 Exempts excisable goods - 30059040 & 30059090 Plaster of paris (pharmaceutical grade)
Not-33 2.8.2007 Amendments in NTF. NO. 03/2006-CE, DT. 01/03/2006 - ad valorem rates - Brand Name
Not-32 30.7.2007 Exempts internal combustion engines
Not-31 19.7.2007 Addition of tariff (852352 - Recorded smart cards & 85235910 - Recorded proximity cards and tags)
Not-30 10.7.2007 Long Range Surface to Air Missile (LR-SAM) Programme of Ministry of Defence
Not-29 6.7.2007 EOU/EHTP/STP Units Goods Manuf. and Packaging or Job Work for Export and Excise Exemption on Goods Cleared to DTA for Export
Not-28 15.6.2007 Govt exempts flavoured milk of animal origin, jute twin and solid state non-volatile storage devices from excise duty
Not-27 14.6.2007 Govt extends excise refund benefits for cement used in construction of houses for tsunami victims till 31/03/2008
Not-26 6.6.2007 Foreign Trade Policy changes notified - Net Foreign Exchange Earnings
Not-25 12.5.2007 Rescinds the notification No. 18/2007-Central Excise, dated the 1st March, 2007
Not-24 3.5.2007 Excise duty concessions on Water Purification Eqpmt., Refrigerated Motor Vehicles, Aircrafts, Zippers.
Not-23 3.5.2007 Excise Duty concessions on Cement, Particle Board, Fibre board.
Not-22 3.5.2007 Excise cut on Biscuits, Soya bari, Ready to eat Packaged Food, Mfd. Tobacco.
Not-21 25.4.2007 Government introduces scheme for refund of unutilised CENVAT credit for new units in North Eastern States
Not-20 25.4.2007 Government introduces scheme for refund of unutilised CENVAT credit for new units in North Eastern States
Not-19 7.3.2007 Parts (other than rubber tyres and tubes), of aircraft of heading 8802 (Any Chapter)
Not-18 1.3.2007 Exempts all goods specified in the First Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985 (5 of 1986) from so much of the Education Cess leviable thereon
Not-17 1.3.2007 Govt. specifies the excisable goods that is stainless steel pattis/pattas (Chp. 72) or aluminium circles (Chp 76)
Not-16 1.3.2007 Goods Supplied to Specified Institution - Research institution, other than a hospital
Not-15 1.3.2007 Specified Goods for Defence, Navy (satellite projects)
Not-14 1.3.2007 Period not exceeding ten years from the date of commencement of commercial production (M/s Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited)
Not-13 1.3.2007 Apply to the goods in respect of which credit of duty on inputs has been taken under the provisions of the CENVAT Credit Rules, 2002
Not-12 1.3.2007 Regarding - Ad valorem Rates - NTF. NO. 29/2004-CE, DT. 09/07/2004
Not-11 1.3.2007 Goods cleared on or before 28/02/2007 and in respect of which the exemption has already been availed of, the conditions
Not-10 1.3.2007 Advalorem - 96032100 (Toothbrushes) - Omitted
Not-09 1.3.2007 Rate of additional duty of excise at 21069020 Pan masala (not containing tobacco) - 6%
Not-08 1.3.2007 Value of clearances - First clearances up to an aggregate value not exceeding one hundred and fifty lakh rupees made on or after the 1st day of April in any financial year
Not-07 1.3.2007 Exempts milk products - addition of 19019090 Preparations for infant use, put up in unit containers
Not-06 1.3.2007 Amendment regarding - Exempts excisable goods (ad valorem rates)
Not-05 1.3.2007 Amendments regarding - Ad valorem rates (NTF. NO. 05/2006-CE, DT. 01/03/2006)
Not-04 1.3.2007 Amendments regarding - Ad valorem rates (NTF. NO. 04/2006-CE, DT. 01/03/2006)
Not-03 1.3.2007 Ad valorem rates - Brand Name (NTF. NO. 03/2006-CE, DT. 01/03/2006)
Not-02 21.2.2007 Rescind - NTF. NO. 58/03-CE, DT. 22/07/03 (SEZ ) & NTF. NO. 146/89-CE, DT. 19/05/1989 (Gem and jewellery units set up in SEEPZ )
Not-01 15.1.2007 Amendments in the NTF. NO. 22/2003-CE, DT. 31/03/2003 - Imports by EOU STP EHTP