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ieport DGFT Policy Circulars (2006-2007)

Cir-20 5.3.2007 Subject: Filing of application under E-Com and Physical Format- Clarification regarding last date of application for benefit under VKGUY, FMS and FPS.
Cir-19 11.9.2006 DTA sale on third party exports by EOUs – Clarification thereon
Cir-18 4.9.2006 Defacement of Shipping Bill in order to prevent leakage of confidential information
Cir-17 24.8.2006 Transferable DFIA – Endorsement of the names of supporting manufacturers – Clarification
Cir-16 4.8.2006 Withdrawal of Policy Circular No.14(RE-2006)/2004-09 dated 25/07/2006
Cir-15 27.7.2006 New System for issuance of Importer-Exporter Code Number
Cir-14 25.7.2006 Regarding payment of 5% customs duty against EPCG licence/Authorisation where the capital goods are procured domestically in terms of para 5.6 of the FTP.
Cir-13 20.7.2006 Clarification regarding meaning of term ‘Duty’ - Utilizing DFCE issued under DFCE for Status Holder Scheme and Target Plus Scheme
Cir-12 3.7.2006 Decision of Settlement Commission in Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) regarding regularization of EO default and settlement of customs duty and interest, in terms of Para 2.46 of the Foreign Trade Policy – regarding.
Cir-11 28.6.2006 Validity of RCMC issued by Export Promotion Councils
Cir-10 20.6.2006 Collection and compilation of data on transfers (Imports and Exports) of Scheduled Chemicals of Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) – enabling accurate submissions of the same to Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) annually by Govt. of India – regarding.
Cir-09 13.6.2006 Import of Genetically Modified products
Cir-08 06.06.06 Appendix 4C - Certificate of Origin (Non-preferential) issued to exporters by agencies
Cir-07 2.6.2006 Import of Sandalwood – cut off date for filing applications
Cir-06 18.5.2006 Clarification regarding import of car for R & D purpose
Cir-05 28.4.2006 Corrigendum to Policy Circular No. 29(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 06/10/2005
Cir-04 20.4.2006 Import of re-manufactured / second hand capital goods
Cir-03 18.4.2006 Online submission of applications
Cir-02 10.4.2006 Import of Compressors without ODS and without refrigerant gas.
Cir-01 7.4.2006 Import of Sandal Wood.