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ieport.com-Customs Circulars-2007

Circular No Dated Subject
Cir-43 5.12.2007 Appropriate authority for sanction and disbursement of drawback claims on supplies made by Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) units to units located in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) - regarding.
Cir-41 29.10.2007 Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007 – instructions for implementation
Cir-40 29.10.2007 Import of New trim Cutting Waste for use in manufacture of Chindi rugs.
Instructions 25.10.2007 Anti-Dumping Duty on parts/components of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) from China and Hong Kong as per Customs Notification No.138/2002-Cus dated 10.12.2002 reg.
Cir-39 9.10.2007 Drawback Schedule, 2007-08 - increase in drawback rates with retrospective effect from 1.4.2007 - exemption from filing supplementary claims – regarding.
Cir-38 9.10.2007 Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Imported Goods) Rules, 2007 – Instructions – reg.
Cir-37 9.10.2007 Customs valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007- Instructions - reg.
Cir-36 3.10.2007 Imports made against DEPB licences issued with endorsement of Notifn. No.34/97-Cus dated 7.4.1997 exemption from special additional duty Clarification Reg.
Cir-35 28.9.2007 Misuse of unaccompanied baggage facility- regarding.
Instructions 17.9.2007 Delegation of power in respect of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to sign the Customs/ Central Excise Exemption Certificate for projects financed by the World Bank, ADB or other international agency – reg.
Cir-34 10.9.2007 Classification of Boric Acid and separate chemically defined compounds for the purpose of Customs & Central Excise - reg.
Cir-33 10.9.2007 Classification of Digital LCD / Flat Panel Monitor - Admissibility of Notification benefits - reg.
Cir-32 17.9.2007 Classification of Digital Still Image Video Camera - Admissibility of Notification benefits - reg
Cir-31 29.8.2007 Issues concerning import & export through courier mode-regarding
Cir-29 21.8.2007 Guidelines for compounding of offences under Customs (Compounding of Offences) Rules, 2005-regarding
Cir-28 14.8.2007 Clearance of imported metal scrap–Procedure regarding.
Cir-25 16.7.2007 All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2007-08 – Reg.
Drawback 12.7.2007 ALL INDIA DUTY DRAWBACK RATES REVISED 2007-08 - Summary
Cir-24 2.7.2007 Delay in payment of customs duty refunds – reg.
Cir-23 28.6.2007 Risk Management System (RMS)- Charter of functions for Risk Management Division and constitution of national/local risk management committee- regarding
Instructions 8.6.2007 Representation on Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations – Regarding.
Cir-22 5.6.2007 Removal of port restrictions on import of Tea from Sri Lanka under India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement vide Notification No.75/2007-Cus. dated 5th June 2007 regarding procedure to be followed for monitoring of Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) – regarding.
Cir-21 8.5.2007 Clarification : Scope and coverage of goods imported under Target Plus Scheme
Cir-20 8.5.2007 Implementation of the recommendations of the Joint Working Group on Transfer Pricing, comprising officers from Income Tax and Customs – regarding
Cir-19 3.5.2007 Re-warehousing of goods imported and/ or procured indigenously by EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP units -reg.
Cir-18 24.4.2007 Grant of waiver of the requirement of Bank Guarantee in respect of imported goods to be warehoused in Public or Private Bonded Warehouses – regarding
Cir-17 19.4.2007 Clarification in respect of classification of higher technology featured mobile / cellular handset or telephones – regarding.
Cir-16 18.4.2007 Inter Unit Transfer of Capital goods from one EOU/STP/EHTP unit to another EOU/STP/EHTP unit -reg.
Cir-15 20.3.2007 Administrative Control over Export Oriented Units (EOUs) which are large tax payer-reg
Cir-14 16.3.2007 International transshipment of LCL containers at Indian Ports- regarding.
Cir-13 2.3.2007 Clearance of livestock and livestock products- regarding.
Cir-12 14.2.2007 Warehousing – Charging of interest on warehoused goods – Clarification thereto – regarding
Cir-11 13.2.2007 Dispensing with Verification of DEPBs at EDI ports in the light of Electronic Transmission of Shipping Bills and DEPBs.
Cir-10 13.2.2007 Exemption from customs duty under Section 25(2) of the Customs Act, 1962 and guidelines thereof under Circular no.49/2003 dated 10th June 2003- import by Government bodies- regarding
Cir-09 9.2.2007 Execution of Bonds and guarantees - regarding
Cir-08 22.1.2007 Export of perishable cargo- examination regarding
Cir-07 22.1.2007 Response to the query of stakeholders- regarding
Cir-06 22.1.2007 Transshipment procedure between any two Customs Airports- Reg
Cir-05 10.1.2007 Customs- Coercive action for recovery of arrears
Cir-04 10.1.2007 Customs- Monitoring of de novo customs adjudication cases
Cir-03 10.1.2007 Customs-Time Limit for adjudication of customs cases related to search / seizures.
Cir-02 9.1.2007 Time bound disposal of applications for the unit set up under EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP scheme -reg.
Cir-01 3.1.2007 Clarification of term ‘Software’ for the purpose of eligibility of notification
no. 153/93-Cus dated 13.08.1993 as amended-reg