PUBLIC NOTICE No.65 /(RE-2008) 2004-09 dated 19.08.2008
Amendments in Appendix 37A (VKGUY)

In exercise of powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendments in Handbook of Procedures, Vol. I (RE 2008).

1. The following additions are made in Table 9 of Appendix 37A of the HBP v1 (RE2008).

Sl. No. VKGUY Product Code ITC HS Code Description Date of export from which benefits will be admissible
26 09.26   All Handmade Carpets of Jute, Coir and Cotton and other textile floor coverings of Jute, Coir and Cotton that are covered under Chapter 57, including synthetic Handmade Carpets, whether or not made up 1.4.2008
Notes for VKGUY Product Code 09.26

Note 1: The requirement of KVIC/KVIB sourcing / registration shall not apply to VKGUY Product Code 09.26.

Note 2: The word ‘Handmade’ would include hand-made, or hand-woven, or hand-knotted, or hand-tufted.

Note 3: Exporters who have already been granted Focus Product / Focus Market Scheme benefits shall not be eligible for VKGUY scheme benefits under VKGUY Product Code 09.26, in view of the provision in Para 3.12.6 of FTP (RE2008).

This issues in Public interest.

(R.S. Gujral)
Director General of Foreign Trade and
Ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India

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