NOTIFICATION NO. 104 (RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 06.05.2009
Ban on export of non-basmati rice shall not be applicable to some countries

S.O.(E) In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 5 read with Section 3(2) of the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1992 (No.22 of 1992) and also read with Para 1.3 and Para 2.1 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-2009, the Central Government hereby makes, with immediate effect, following amendments to Notification No.93(RE-2007)/2004-2009 dated 1st April, 2008 as amended from time to time.

2. Following shall be added at the end of Para 2.1 of the Notification No.93 (RE-2007)/2004-09 dated 1st April, 2008:-

“2.1.9 Ban on export of non-basmati rice shall not be applicable to export of rice to the following countries:-

S. No. Country Quantity in MTs. Name of PSU through which export to be made
1. Burkina Faso 24,200 MMTC
2. Cameroon 21,700
3. Cote D’Ivoire 1,44,900
4. Egypt 48,300
5. The Gambia 36,250
6. Mali 24,200
7. Somalia 24,200
8. Tunisia 5,550
9. Zanzibar 12,100
10. Benin 24,200 STC

11. Ghana 68,800
12. Guinea Bissau 24,200
13. Liberia 96,600
14. Mozambique 24,200
15. Togo 72,400
16. Zambia 24,200
17. Nigeria 1,17,100 PEC
18. Senegal 1,41,300
19. Mauritius 15,000
20. Sierra Leone 38,500
21. Djibouti 12,100
  Total 10,00,000  

The above export shall be subject to the following conditions:-

i) The above quantity shall be exported by PSUs during KMS 2008-09;

ii) Above PSUs shall procure rice from such rice mills which have surplus rice/ paddy in their stock;

iii) The rice to be exported shall be with a minimum of 25% of brokens;

iv) The PSUs shall ensure that their entry into market for this export does not affect the overall price situation of rice; and

v) The PSUs shall source the rice to be exported from more than one State.”

3. All other provisions of the Notification No.93 (RE-2007)/2004-09 dated 1st April, 2008 shall remain unchanged, and shall continue to apply.

4. This issues in public interest.


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