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DGFT NOTIFICATION NO.24(RE-2006) / 2004-2009 dated 26.7.2006
DGFT allows import of PVC flooring scrap for recycling

S.O. (E) In exercise of powers conferred by Section 5 of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 read with paragraph 2.1 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-09, the Central Government hereby amends Schedule I (Import) of the ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items, 2004-09 as under:

The following import licensing note shall be inserted at the end of Chapter 39 and before the existing import licensing note which is renumbered as (II):

(I) PVC floorings scrap (scrap denotes industrial trimmings and rejects only) with the following specifications shall be permitted for imports:

1. The PVC flooring scrap shall consist of thoroughly blended composition of thermoplastic binder, fillers and pigments. The thermoplastic binder shall consist substantially of one or both of the following namely (a) Vinyl Chloride polymer and (b) Vinyl Chloride co-polymer.

2. The density shall be < / - 0.925.

3. Ash content shall be < 21 to 30%.

4. The product manufactured form scrap shall conform to IS 14535: 1998 Recycled plastics manufacture of products design, and

5. Recycling shall be in accordance with IS 14534: 1998- Guidelines for recycling of plastic.

6. Final Waste PVC scrap (i.e. unconverted to floor coverings etc.) shall not exceed 5% of the quantity imported and shall be disposed of in landfills.

All imports shall also be subject to the following conditions:

(i) Only industrial, trimmings and rejects of PVC flooring scrap shall be allowed to be imported.

(ii) Post consumer PVC flooring scrap and waste shall not be allowed to be imported.

(iii) Imports shall only be allowed to actual users. In case the actual users hire export/import houses they could do so on receipt of specific request from actual users for specific quantities based on the installed capacity of the plant only.

(iv) The concerned Pollution Control Boards/Pollution Control Committees shall monitor the use of PVC scrap imported by the units.

(v) The units/PVC scrap users shall file a return of imports made during a calendar year to the concerned PCB/PCCs; and

(vi) The product so manufactured should meet the BIS specifications IS 3462, 1986 for unbacked flexible PVC floorings.

This issues in public interest.

(K.T. Chacko)
Director General of Foreign Trade
And Ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India

(Issued from File No 01/89/180/Misc.32/AM03/PC-IA)