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ieport - DGFT Notifications (2005-2006)

Notification No Date Subject
Not-57 31.3.2006 Target Plus Scheme stands abolished for exports from 01/04/2006 onwards
Not-56 30.3.2006 DGFT restricts import of worn clothing but allows SEZ units to sell 15% of CIF value of import in DTA
Not-55 27.3.2006 Export of 885.14 MT of A, B, C and D grades of Red Sanders Wood, in the form of log obtained from the Govt. of A.P. (Ch. 44)
Not-54 17.3.2006 International Competitive Bidding - agencies/funds - legal agreements provide for tender
Not-53 17.3.2006 Amendments in Chapter 7 - "Edible Vegetables and certain Roots and Tubers" - ITC (HS)
Not-52 9.3.2006 Import Policy for import of of Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Not-51 9.3.2006 Corrections in Chapter 29 of the Schedule – 2 of the ITC (HS) Classification
Not-50 9.3.2006 Amendments in the ITC (HS) Classification of Export and Import Items, 2004-09 (Chapter 5)
Not-49 2.3.2006 DGFT notifies Rs 800/- Per MT drawback rate for furnace oil supplied by DTA oil companies to SEZ/EoU
Not-48 20.2.2006 Amendment in Target Plus Scheme (TPS) some items excluded from it's purview
Not-47 17.2.2006

Amendments in Import Policy (29031300-Chloroform (Trichloromethane) & 29031920-Trichloroethane)

Not-46 16.2.2006

Para 4.1.13 (FTP) - State Trading Enterprises are permitted to issue ‘NO Objection certificate’ (NOC)

Not-45 15.2.2006 Amendments in Para 4.1.8 - Foreign Trade Policy
Not-44 10.2.2006

Amendments in Category 0 - Appendix 3 to Schedule 2 of ITC(HS)

Not-43 8.2.2006

Amendments in the Condition 16 - Cha. 1A (General Notes to Import Policy) ITC (HS) - Import of livestock and livestock products prohibited due to reported outbreak of Fowl Plague

Not-42 6.2.2006

Amendments in ITC(HS) Classification (12119046, 06022020, 12119080, 12119044 & 33013010)

Not-41 23.1.2006

Spices covered by chapter 09 - the minimum value addition under advance license shall be 15%

Not-40 19.1.2006

Export Licensing Note No.1 inserted in Chapter 30 (Pharmaceutical Products) of Schedule-2 of ITC(HS)

Not-39 17.1.2005

DGFT amends policy related to import of motor vehicles under EPCG Scheme

Not-38 17.1.2005

Amendment in the Note under Chapter 26 of Schedule 2 of ITC(HS) (Exports of rare earth)

Not-37 9.1.2006 Import policy for import of Fixed wireless Phones and other communication equipment
Not-36 9.1.2006 Export Policy for export of Groundnuts (Peanuts)
Not-35 28.12.2005

Amendments in ITC(HS) - Fish and Crustaceans, Molluscs and other Aquatic Invertebrates (03037999)

Not-34 20.12.2005

Revised quantities of Stone Aggregate and River Sand stand

Not-33 31.10.2005

Amendments in the Schedule – 1 of the ITC(HS) Classifications (29310030 - Tetra-ethyl lead)

Not-32 21.10.2005

Schedule 2 - ITC(HS) - Chapter 14 & 44 - Muli Bamboo (Melocanna baccifera) - freely exportable upto 31/3/2008

Not-31 19.10.2005

Amendments in para 2.17 - Second Hand Goods of Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-09

Not-30 6.10.2005

NTF. NO. 28/2004, DT. 07/03/2005 - DGFT allows export of shavings of Sambhar and Chital

Not-29 6.10.2005

Schemes under Ch. 4, 6, 7 & 8 - Rate of DBK - Rs. 1025/- per M.T. for HSD

Not-28 6.10.2005

Schemes under Ch. 4, 6, 7 & 8 - Rate of DBK - Rs. 1300/- per M.T. for Furnace Oil

Not-27 12.9.2005 Amendments in 6.6(d) - Letter of Permission/ Letter of Intent and Legal Undertaking - Investment Criteria
Not-26 2.9.2005

Amendments in Policy conditions - Calcareous stone, Marble, Travertine & Allabaster

Not-25 31.8.2005 Establishment as EOUs - Projects having a minimum investment of Rs.1 Crore in plant and machinery
Not-24 31.8.2005 DTA sale at concessional duty - motor cars, alcoholic liquors, books, tea (except instant tea), pepper & pepper products
Not-23 31.8.2005

Amendments in Policy conditions - Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Marble & Crude or roughly trimmed

Not-22 26.8.2005 NTF. NO. 09/2005, DT. 21/06/2005 regarding to De-oiled Rice Bran - Effect from 01/09/2004
Not-21 18.8.2005

Correction in Condition 16 of Chapter I A - Livestock and Livestock products

Not-20 17.8.2005 Rate of Duty Drawback for HSD supplied by domestic oil companies to EOU/SEZ
Not-19 11.8.2005

New list of prohibited import items

Not-18 28.7.2005 Related to Wood and Articles of Wood; Wood Charcoal
Not-17 28.7.2005 NTF NO.12/2004, DT. 21/12/2004 & NTF NO. 24/2004, DT. 21/02/2005 - the provisions contained come into effect from 1st October, 2005
Not-16 26.7.2005 Import Policy of the (12099190) Other & (12099910) Fruit seeds for planting or sowing - Free
Not-15 15.7.2005

Amendments to the list of (SCOMET) as given in Appendix 3 to Schedule 2 of ITC(HS)

Not-14 8.7.2005

New Gem Testing laoratory added in para 4A.2 of FTP

Not-13 8.7.2005 Import of meat and Meat products 
Not-12 4.7.2005

Import Policy for Other Arms (for example, spring, air or gas guns and pistols, truncheons)

Not-11 30.6.2005

STEs are also allowed to sell the goods on high sea sale basis to the Advance Licence holders

Not-10 24.6.2005 DTA sale of books
Not-09 21.6.2005

De-oiled Rice Bran” freely exportable

Not-08 13.6.2005 Amendments to Notification No. 2 dated 13.05.2005 related to DTA sale
Not-07 4.6.2005 FOB value of exports during the licensing year 2004-05 does not fall below the FOB value of exports in the previous licensing year
Not-06 4.6.2005 CENVAT/Drawback: Additional Customs duty/excise duty paid in cash/debit under the DFCE
Not-05 31.5.2005 Powers to DGFT to exclude any product or products from the purview of Advance Licence
Not-04 30.5.2005 Amendments in the Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-2009
Not-03 17.5.2005

Amendments in Foreign Trade Policy

Not-02 13.5.2005 DTA sales of pepper and pepper products excluded