DGFT POLICY CIRCULAR NO. 22 (RE 2003 ) 2002-2007 DATED:11th December, 2003
Subject: Duty Free import of Natural Rubber clarification regarding. 

           Attention is invited to Policy Circular No.17(RE.2003)/2002-07 dated 10.10.2003 wherein all Licensing authorities were advised to follow the instructions contained therein on the admissibility of the import of Natural Rubber against Advance Licences/DFRC/Advance Licence for annual requirement,  in respect of  licences issued on or after 20.02.1999.  It was stipulated that such licences would be revalidated upto 31.12.2003. 

            Representations have been received for the extension of the time period beyond 31st December, 2003 for affecting import of Natural Rubber against those licences.  Now it has been decided to extend the validity of such licences upto 31st March, 2004. 

            It is also clarified that where the applicant had applied for Natural Rubber as one of the inputs under the provision of self declared licence in terms of Paragraph 4.7 of the Handbook of Procedure Vol.I, 2002-07, ( the earlier paragraph 7.5 of Handbook of Procedure Vol.I, 1997-2002) and adhoc norms were approved by ALC after deleting Natural Rubber, the applicant is required to submit their application to ALC at HQ latest by 31st December, 2003. All such cases will be decided by ALC within 15 days from the date of receipt of the application in HQ .  Such licences for import/procurement  of natural rubber will be valid upto 31st March, 2004 for expired licences and till the validity of the licencing period for other licences.  

            This issues with the approval of DGFT.