DGFT Circular No- 17/2003, dated 10.10.2003
Duty free import of Natural Rubber - Clarification regarding

Attention is invited to Policy Circular No.10(RE-2003)2002-2007 dated 3.7.2003 wherein all Licensing Authorities were advised to decide on the admissibility of import of Natural Rubber in the light of the High Court decision and the Exim Provisions and procedures.

2. In continuation thereof, it is further clarified that :

(a) Fresh Advance Licenses/ DFRC/Advance Licence for annual requirement can henceforth be issued for import of Natural Rubber as per normal Policy Provisions.

(b) In respect of Licences issued on or after 20.2.1999 which covered Natural Rubber as one of the items but import/procurement of which could not be made, direct import of the same may now be allowed by RLAs. In cases where validity of Licence has expired, the same may be revalidated after cancelling ARO, if any, upto 31.12.2003. Such revalidation may also be allowed by RLAs in respect of Licenses covering Natural Rubber as one of the items and issued prior to 20.2.1999, wherein imports could not be effected. However, for such revalidation no fee or application in Appx.10G of Hand Book (Vol.I) shall be required.

(c) Cases where applications were filed on or after 20.2.1999 with Rubber as one of the inputs or the sole input but Licences have not been issued, or issued after excluding natural rubber as input, would be reviewed and Natural Rubber may be included or fresh Licences may be issued as the case may be after obtaining declaration that no benefit of drawback has been claimed on natural rubber used in export production. If the licence was expired, the same may be revalidated upto 31.12.2003 by the RLA. However, for such revalidation no fee or application in Appx. 10G shall be called. This shall be applicable even in respect of licence where No Bond or EODC has been issued by RLA.

(d) This Circular, however, shall not be applicable in cases where fraud/misrepresentation has come to the notice of RLA.

This issues with the approval of DGFT.