DGFT POLICY CIRCULAR NO. 6 (RE-03)/2002-2207/ DT. 13.06.2003
Clarification regarding the admissibility of DEPB against the export of some products under the Product Group : Engineering

    Your attention is drawn to Policy Circular No. 19 (RE-00)/2000-2001 Dt. 28/7/2000 on the above subject. The matter has been re-examined and it has been decided to effect following amendments in relation to Para 1 of the said circular:-

i) The decision contained in the said para shall be effective from the date of issue of the said Circular i.e. 28/7/2000 ; and

ii) Consequently the last sentence thereof, namely , “Therefore in all such cases where exports of “MS Galvanized Sheets/Strips” have been cleared for DEPB benefit under the entry at Sl.No. 91 or the DEPB benefit has been granted against the entry at Sl.No. 91 consequent remedial action should be initiated immediately”, shall be deleted.

iii) This issues with the approval of DGFT.